Make a Payment

It is now easy to make a payment to Capeside Psychiatry online. Click the button below and complete the form. For finance-related questions, Please call 910-791-6767.

There are many reasons that can lead to a failed online payment transaction. Sometimes the reason may be as simple as a poor internet but can range to a combination of things causing the failure.


What to do if your payment fails!

  • Re-enter your information (do not copy and paste)

  • Disable browser Add Ons

  • Clear your browser Cache, delete your cookies and restart your browser

  • Attempt your transaction with a different browser

  • Connect to a different Secure WiFi or broadband network

  • Try from a laptop or desktop computer


If you have a fast reliable internet connection and have entered all details correctly and still the transaction fails then the problem is most likely to be with your card issuer gateway or your bank’s server. The best way to confirm the exact reason for payment failure is to get in touch with your card issuing bank.