Virtual Mental Health Groups

Monday       11 am - 12 pm and 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm 

Wednesday 1 - 2 pm

How to Login


All virtual groups take place in the “Knowing & Growing” group room located within the Lifesize Cloud app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.



You can download the app in your “APP” or “PLAY” store. If you need assistance a counselor will be able to assist you with your initial set up.



Once you have downloaded the app, you will login as “GUEST USER”, type in your name, and enter the extension code: 4820351. Or dial in via phone 1-512-489-3100 ext. 4820351.



  1. It is your responsibility to have a strong WI-FI or data signal. If for any reason you are logged out of the group, please log back in as quickly as possible so that you can still receive credit.

  2. NO DRIVING. It is illegal & dangerous! Plus, you will lose signal if you are not stationary.

  3. You must be respectful to your counselor and your peers in group.

  4. You must participate



In Case of Emergency: If your app isn’t working you can call into the group. Dial 1-512-489-3100 ext. 4820351. This is not a permanent solution…only temporary. You may need to uninstall your app, reinstall, then restart your device to trigger an update. If you call in, announce your name (we cannot see you), and be active to receive credit. Per Clinical Director, John Butler. 

Virtual Mental Health Groups

Monday 11 am - 12 pm & 5:30 pm  - 6:30 pm

Wednesday 1 - 2 pm

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Dial-in: 1-512-489-3100 Ext. 4820351

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