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About Us

Our Health Mission

Capeside Psychiatry provides patients with the knowledge, therapy, counseling, and tools needed to live their best lives. We provide customized treatment plans that allow patients to keep their everyday lives intact. Telehealth appointments are offered as an option for patients who are not located near our physical offices, or for those who prefer to keep their treatments private. 


Improving Healthcare

We are committed to continuously improving the quality care to the people we serve, remaining responsive to the needs of our customers, and anticipating our customer’s future needs. Above all else we value:


Drive - Capeside is a forward-looking company. We are driven to consistently move forward and take the effective action for the benefit of our clients. We view challenges as opportunities for success, and we are driven to recognize opportunities; to develop creative solutions; and to act with passion and commitment.

Strength - Since our inception in 2014, our strength is our drive to succeed. Capeside is a dynamic, growing company that is the market leader in North Carolina. As the market leader, we can be counted on to deliver quality service that the market expects; both today and tomorrow.

Loyalty - We believe in a win-win relationship for all stakeholders: clients, employees and the communities we serve. We are one team, and a professional family. We are fiercely loyal to our customers by consistently delivering unmatched quality service and by being responsive to changing customer needs. In turn, our customers and employees are loyal to Capeside and support its growth. All stakeholders are strongly committed to the philosophy and values of Capeside.


Prosperity - Drive, strength, and loyalty have created prosperity for all Capeside stakeholders: customers, clinicians, and Capeside staff. Prosperity allows us to persist and provide new opportunities for growth. For our staff, we can ensure job security and a safe work environment. For our clinicians, it is an unmatched work environment. For our customers, it means we free up time, resources, and maintain patient count, which improves bottom line.

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